The Internet Fell In Love With A Thieving Leonberger At The Westminster Dog Show

Always a curt affair, the 140th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show had a bad boy leonberger steal the spotlight and some extra snacks from his trainer, much to the delight of viewers everywhere. Of course, this conniving canine didn’t win due to his blatant disregard for anything but delicious treats, but to many, he won the show and hearts of dog lovers. Despite being a bad dog. Very bad. Shame. (We’re sure he knows better and we’re not upset, just disappointed.)

Naturally, the internet loved this burgling barker.

Some even thought this act of defiance should get the “leonbergler” the win. These people do not understand that blatant thirst for treats is not usually welcome in the competition. This is serious business, and many will do anything to win.

There was even some leonbergerception going on, as this leonberger named George barked at his thieving brethren while he watched on TV. Maybe because he knew he was trying to pull a fast one.

Disappointed leonberger is disappointed in his breed. But then, armchair sportsmen always know how it’s done, don’t they? It’s all so easy until you have a pocketful of delicious, meaty treats in your face, bouncing up and down. Real easy.

(Via Mashable)