What If The Events In Billy Crystal’s ‘City Slickers’ Happened In The ‘Westworld’ Universe?

We all miss HBO’s Westworld. Unfortunately, the promised second season won’t arrive on your television (and various spoilery Internet chat forums before that) until sometime in 2018. This means audiences must subsist on repeat viewings of the first 10 episodes, fan fictions and other sources of sustenance. That, or this fantastic Funny Or Die parody combining the world of Billy Crystal and Daniel Stern’s 1991 comedy classic City Slickers with the fantasy created, maintained and ultimately lost by Delos.

Along with Crystal and Stern, who reprise their respective characters Mitch Robbins and Phil Berquist, Westworld‘s own Ashley Stubbs (Luke “The Other Hemsworth Brother” Hemsworth), Sylvester (Ptolemy Slocum), and Clementine Pennyfeather (Angela Sarafyan) pop up throughout the video. Turns out Mitch and Phil are actually hosts in what Stubbs recalls was one of the park’s “best-selling narratives: dissatisfied city slicker rides out west with his friends to heard cattle and try and find his smile again.”

With time, however, it seems Mitch has inadvertently followed in Dolores’ footsteps and — give or take a few murderous glitches — become self-aware. So too does Phil, whose combined troubles with Mitch cause an annoyed Stubbs and Sylvester to decommission the pair and lock them up in cold storage with Clementine and the rest of the unwanted hosts. Though not before Sylvester delivers on of the best written, and performed, jokes in the entire six and a half-minute video: “Just imagine I am a dentist, but for your nose.”

Hurry up, Westworld season two.

(Via TV Line)