‘Westworld’ Seems To Confirm At Least A Visit To Its Samurai Counterpart In Season Two

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WARNING: Spoilers for Westworld seasons one and two ahead

The finale of Westworld was a wonderful cap off to a season that changed the dynamics of the original film, added depth, and then crafted an interesting twist to fully adapt Michael Crichton’s original tale. It took something that was a sci-fi novelty and built it up into an interesting television experience with some lofty themes to ponder throughout — balanced with the nudity, violence, and sex you’d expect from HBO.

Another thing the finale introduced was the concept that there are other theme worlds outside of Westworld. The original film featured a Romanworld and Medievalworld for folks to visit alongside Westworld, placing them all together in one big theme park. Think of it like Disneyworld’s numerous parks instead of some sort of hidden world separate from one another. The series introduces this concept, but changes it a bit by focusing on Samurai and feudal Japan instead of those covered in the film:

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