‘What If…’ Did The Unthinkable With One Of The Most Beloved MCU Characters, And It Hit Fans Right In The Feels

(SPOILERS for What If…? will obviously be found below.)

Disney+’s What If…? has a grand time putting MCU characters into alternate storylines with varying results so far. Peggy Carter taking the super-soldier serum made for a righteous episode, as did T’Challa becoming Star-Lord, which allowed for the revamping of a big baddie and confirmation that Peter Quill truly is the worst hero in the MCU. This week, things get bizarre because a Marvel show gets a little bit procedural.

Someone is killing off Avengers, and Black Widow’s on the case, and several Avengers bite the dust, and narratively speaking, it’s kind-of a mess. I maybe spotted Crossbones, and thank goodness Nick Fury has the right voice coming out of his head (you know that Samuel L. Jackson couldn’t pass this up), and we see (Bad) Thor and Loki and Hawkeye and Agent Coulson with Captain Marvel ending the episode with an inquiry of who’s butt she can kick. Before that happened, Black Widow was not voiced by Scarlett Johansson, which was discombobulating, even though Lake Bell gave it her all here. Oh, and perhaps most importantly to a lot of Marvel fans, we got to see Iron Man, alive and well again, although he’s voiced not by Robert Downey Jr. but by Mick Wingert.

No matter the voice, people were very happy to see Tony Stark again, donuts and all.

And then this happened. Yes, they killed Iron Man again (those bastards). Let’s just say that the emotions continued… in the other direction. You’re breaking our hearts, Marvel!

Disney+’s ‘What If…?’ streams new episodes on Wednesdays.