Everything Coming To And Leaving Netflix In October, Including The ‘Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina’

09.27.18 10 months ago


Some thrilling, chilling new titles are dropping this October on Netflix. The streaming platform looks to be getting in the Halloween spirit with a couple of horror-filled original series including the witchy Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, starring Mad Men’s Kiernan Shipka. If the occult isn’t your thing, the third season of Daredevil and a new installment of Making A Murderer are also landing on Netflix this month. And of course, there are plenty of horror films to keep the nightmares coming all month long.

There’s no way you could keep track of everything hitting Netflix this month, so we’ve done the hard work of mapping out everything that should be on your binge to-do list this October.


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (10/26)

Mad Men’s Kiernan Shipka stars in the dark re-imagining of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Shipka plays the titular witch in question, a young woman coming into her power while dabbling in the occult. She faces off against fellow witches (at school), her family, and some demonic evil forces in order to protect the daylight world humans are living in which trying to wrestle with the duality of her nature. Think Rosemary’s Baby meets Riverdale, folks.

Marvel’s Daredevil: Season 3 (10/19)

Matt Murdock is back from the dead for another season of Marvel’s Daredevil, set to drop later this month. The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen returns following the tragic events of last year’s The Defenders (spoiler: a building fell on top of the guy). He looks to be back to his same old tricks minus the kicka** suit. Speaking of suits, Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio) is back and sporting some crisp new duds that should make fans of the comic series happy.

Making A Murderer: Season 2 (10/19)

The team behind the hit Making a Murderer docuseries is back for another round of criminal sleuthing. After presenting the case that convicted felons Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey were framed for the murder of photographer Teresa Halbach, the show looks to examine the life they now lead behind bars, their appeals for a new trial, and crucial evidence that could point to a new suspect in the case.

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