What’s On Tonight: ‘Clifford The Big Red Dog’ Storms Paramount+, And ‘Gentefied’ And ‘Passing’ Take Netflix

Clifford The Big Red Dog (Paramount+ film) — This live-action movie is both adorable and symptomatic of utter chaos, but the first thing that’s worth remembering about the original animated series that “love” is the reason why Clifford is so big. Remember that when you start thinking about Venom tongue-reveal after spotting the “cute” tail wagging from underneath a blanket, and when he sprints into Central Park, attempting to “play” with an unfortunate human who’s stuck inside of a giant plastic hamster ball. Don’t even try to resist the Big Red Charisma.

Gentefied: Season 2 (Netflix series) — If you haven’t had the pleasure of binging this heartwarming dramedy yet, it’s time. Glorious character actor Joaquín Cosío (Narcos: Mexico) is up for deportation, and the siblings must work to save his ass while continuing to explore their own Mexican-American identity, save their taco shop, and generally be the coolest while wrapping their arms around the American Dream. That dream, of course, might be a double-edged sword because success also threatens the communities and values that the family’s hoping to help preserve. It’s a charming series full of authentic characters, and they must rescue Pops.

Passing (Netflix film) — Ahead of a theatrical release, you can watch this Sundance-acclaimed black-and-white movie that follows opposite stances of the New York 1929 color line. Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga portray two Black women (and childhood friends) who can pass as white, and they decide to take different routes during the Harlem Renaissance. They later have a chance encounter and soon find themselves deeply intwined in each other’s lives, which transforms the action into a story about obsession and repression while also exploring racial identity, along with sexuality and femininity.

Happiness Ever After (Netflix film) — This Happiness is a Four-Letter Word sequel picks up with the gang four years later, while they’re seeking more self-discovery amid life’s latest challenges. Come for the rom-com vibe and stay for the thoughtful treatment of life’s issues, which many of us must also tackle.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (CW, 8:00pm) — Astra, Spooner, and Gideon are all attempting to halt the Legends’ plan while Ava, Behrad, and Gary land in the Big Apple while seeking a certain scientist.

Batwoman (CW, 9:00pm) — Ryan and Sophie go to an even together while seeking information from Jada about Wayne Enterprises, but an uninvited guest causes a fuss.

The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon — Will Ferrell, Lucy Hale, Dusty Slay

Late Night With Seth Meyers — Gayle King, David Copperfield, Aurora, Elmo Lovano