What’s On Tonight: Geek Heaven

05.18.10 9 years ago 11 Comments

Lost (ABC) — OMG, it’s the last one-hour episode EVER! Kinda makes me nostalgic. Nostalgic for when the show did a better job of showing off Kate’s body. Oh, Evangeline Lilly, I could forgive you for anything — even having sex with a hobbit.

Glee (Fox) — Neil Patrick Harris guest stars in an episode directed by Joss Whedon (video preview here). Oh man, we’re gonna have Whedonites, Losties, and Gleeks all watching television at the same time? But who’s going to monitor the Internet to bitch about criticism of their favorite shows? Oh my God, someone called Joss Whedon overrated! Sound the alarm!

V (ABC) — Season finale. The lizard invaders are something something, but not if the human resistance has something to say about it.

The Good Wife (CBS) — Okay, I officially feel bad for ignoring this show. Apparently, it really is a solid show, and I apologize for maligning it just because it’s on your grandparents’ favorite network.

Justified (FX) — There’s a pretty cool article about the evolution of the Raylan Givens character over at NY Mag. Also, something for the ladies.

American Idol (Fox) — I guess we’re down to, what? Three people? Crystal Bowersox is supposedly the most talented, which is too bad because she has (or at least had — I don’t watch the show) dredlocks. And if there’s something I absolutely can’t stand, it’s white people with dredlocks. I prithee, Lord, don’t let this woman inspire young people to make the same mistake.

90210 (CW) — Season finale. I guess the characters are in high school? Golly, I can’t wait to not find out what happens next season!

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