What's On Tonight: 'Justified' Is Back Up Top

Justified (FX) – I tried to mix it up and get some fresh blood at the top of this post the last few weeks, but it’s time for the king to reclaim his throne. From TV Guide: “Ava protects an imperiled prostitute by any means necessary.” You know what that means … KABONG.

Cougar Town (ABC) – The “Scrubs” reunion continues. In addition to Sarah Chalke’s guest arc, tonight’s episode supposedly features both Zack Braff and Robert Maschio (aka “The Todd”). EMPLOYED FIVE!

Fashion Star (NBC) – A new reality series hosted by Elle MacPherson (with “celebrity mentors” Jessica Simpson and Nicole Ritchie) where designers try to win spots for their lines in large retailers. If they can work in a midseason singing contest, this will be NBC’s most popular show by a mile.

Southland (TNT) – “Ben tries to help the daughter of a prostitute, only to draw the wrath of the woman’s pimp.” I wonder if it’s the daughter of that prostitute Ava is defending. That would be cool. I smell crossover.

The New Girl (FOX) – In tonight’s episode, Schmidt goes on strike from doing all of the housework WHICH IS CRAZY because Schmidt is a boy and only girls go on strike from doing housework, right “Whitney” and other such shows?

90210/Ringer (CW) – I like to pretend “Ringer” is a show about a guy named Jack Ringer who is really good at ring toss.

House Hunters (HGTV) – Remember when the Mythbusters accidentally shot that house with a cannon? I wish that was what they meant by “house hunters.”

LATE NIGHT GUESTS: Will Ferrell and Ellie Kemper on Kimmel; Amanda Peet and Nick Offerman on Letterman; Jonah Hill and Bethany Frankel on Leno; and James Franco and Nick Swardson on Conan. I think the real question for tonight is whether Ferrell and Offerman will be hungover or still drunk for their appearances.