What’s On Tonight: ‘South Park: Post Covid’ And ‘The Beatles: Get Back’ Have You Covered On Thanksgiving

South Park: Post Covid (Comedy Central special on Paramount+) — When Trey Parker and Matt Stone weren’t plotting to resurrect the not-so-fabled Casa Bonita (with actual good food), they were working on the first of 14 upcoming Paramount+ South Park specials. In this introductory effort, the boys just want to (like the rest of us) get back to normal in a post-COVID world and back-to-basics with their own friendships. Also, there’s apparently the adult version of Cartman coming your way, so brace yourselves.

The Beatles: Get Back (Disney+ miniseries) — The Fab Four (obviously John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr) will appear in this three-part (Peter Jackson-produced) documentary series that covers the making The Beatles’ 1970s album, Let It Be. In addition, we’ll get to dive behind the curtain to watch them prep for their first live show in years. Expect to see some myths dispelled about how this period really went down for the band.

Bruised (Netflix film) — Halle Berry lands in the director’s seat for the first time and also in the cage as a disgraced MMA fighter working toward redemption (both on the professional and personal levels). A classic tale! Really though, Halle’s here to redeem sports movies, as well, which could use some sprucing up following the Space Jam 2 mess. The Oscar winner portrays Jackie Justice who’s full of regret over the shambles her life has become and attempts a career comeback when her soon unexpectedly pops back into her life.

8-Bit Christmas (HBO Max film) — Ah yes, the timeless tale of a lad chasing down the newest video-game set up, which surely will strike a chord for a lot of adults out there. The story’s set in 1980s Chicago, and the boy in question is actually looking for the system as a Christmas gift, so expect quest-mode to happen.

Super Crooks: Season 1 (Netflix series) — Another Mark Millar title hits streaming, and hopefully, this one will fare better than the Jupiter business. These small-time thieves end up with super powers, somehow, and they’re recruited for “one last job, so hopefully, they’ll actually gain some luck. The animation arrives courtesy of Japanese anime studio Bones, so at least we know it’ll look fantastic.

F Is For Family: Season 5 (Netflix series) — Bill Burr returns to the 1970s with his animated fever dream of a time when no such thing as political correctness (or helicopter parenting). Not only is the voice of Burr back but also Laura Dern, Justin Long, Sam Rockwell, and more.

Selling Sunset: Season 4 (Netflix series) — Real estate-selling drama abounds with these top brokers falling all over each other to sell the most luxurious real estate in all of Los Angeles. The market’s cutthroat, the playtime is even harder, and everyone’s attempting to climb further and further to the impossible top while also juggling persona lives. Good luck, ladies!

In case you missed these pre-Thanksgiving leftovers from last week:

The Sex Lives of College Girls: Season 1 (HBO Max series) — Mindy Kaling and Justin Noble produce this show about four Essex College roommates who are navigating the hell of dating lives in New England. They’re full of contradictions and hormones and feeling newfound independence, so this should be perfectly messy. Gavin Leatherwood from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will be a series regular, and hopefully, he can escape the Devil this time.

Star Trek: Discovery: Season 4 (Paramount+ series) — This season shall begin with the U.S.S. Discovery crew facing a threat that they’re not prepared for, but they had better get that way. Both Federation and non-Federation worlds are feeling the uneasy unfamiliarity, so hopefully, they can come together and create a better future for everyone. Also, one should probably expect to see some alien life forms that the show’s already seen before, and that might include friendly and not-so-friendly faces.