What’s On Tonight: Tim Allen and God (or Are They One and the Same?)

Senior Pop Culture Editor
12.13.11 11 Comments

Inside Story: Santa Clause (BIO) – Ever wonder how/why Tim Allen’s The Santa Clause was made 17 years ago? Yeah, me neither, but at 8 p.m., it’s either this, “Glee,” or Allen’s new turd of a contribution to pop culture, “Last Man Standing.” MERRY CHRISTMAS, AMERICA.

Raising Hope (FOX) – I’m a sucker for It’s a Wonderful Life parodies, and this is supposed to be a great one. It wonders what Jimmy’s life would look like if he had never met Hope’s serial killer mom, played by Bijou Phillips?

NCIS/NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS) – It’s religion night on CBS, with episodes of various “NCIS”’ named “Newborn King” and “Higher Power.” And somewhere, a Tebow smiles.

Proving God (History) – “New scientific discoveries and digital age technology try to reveal tangible proof of God.” I’m going to guess the scientists didn’t find enough evidence either way to prove that He/She does or doesn’t exist. Just a hunch.

My Big Breasts and Me (BBC America) – As I’m sure you’re aware of, this special originally aired in 2007. But considering it’s a weak night for TV, why not settle in with an old favorite?

Late-Night Guests: Barbara Walters and Bill Hader discuss their riot grrrl days with Wild Flag on Letterman; Dana Carvey and Lenny Kravitz wonder what went wrong, while Jason Reitman hypes Young Adult on Leno; Death Cab for Cutie sing about feelings to Josh Holloway and Molly Sims on Kimmel; Morena Baccarin and Ben Kingsley chat about how best to put Ghandi in “Homeland” on Ferguson; Nick Vatterott and Nick Frost make quips about sharing a first name on Conan; Lawrence Lessig explains that money is destroying our society on Stewart; and Mark Whitaker answers the age-old question of what it’s like to be Executive Vice President of CNN on Colbert.

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