What’s The Cast Of ‘The Drew Carey Show’ Up To These Days?

As a Cleveland native there are a few things I hold dear to my heart: Drew Carey, The Drew Carey Show, and The Drew Carey Show theme song — and  I guess LeBron being back is pretty cool, too. But Drew Carey! His show about a beer-loving, blue collar guy who adores his friends and making Buzz Beer in his garage, lasted 9 seasons, and catapulted Drew Carey into comedy super stardom (and yes, Whose Line is It Anyway? didn’t hurt). We all know that Drew Carey is currently the host of The Price is Right, and Craig Ferguson went on to host The Late Late Show, but what has the rest of the cast been up to since the show’s finale aired ten years ago? Let’s find out…

Christa Miller — Kate O’Brien

Christa Miller is a busy woman. Since leaving The Drew Carey Show in 2004 she has gone on to a very successful TV career, including roles in Scrubs, and currently stars as Ellie Torres on TBS’ Cougar Town, and according to her IMDB page, she even starred in an episode of CSI: Miami!

Ryan Stiles — Lewis Kiniski

Best known in the world of improv comedy, Ryan Stiles and Drew Carey have had a long friendship that extends beyond The Drew Carey Show, including being cast on Whose Line is It Anyway? and the Drew Carey’s Improv-a-Ganza. In addition, he currently stars as Dr. Herb Melnick on Two and a Half Men.

John Carroll Lynch — Steve Carey

Aside from playing Drew’s cross-dressing brother on the show, John Carroll Lynch has probably had the most successful movie career since, including roles in Shutter Island, Gran Torino, and portraying the lead Zodiac Killer suspect Arthur Leigh Allen in David Fincher’s Zodiac, and let me just take this opportunity to say Arthur Leigh Allen was The Zodiac Killer.

Ian Gomez — Larry Almada

Ian Gomez currently stars as Andy on  Cougar Town, and married Nia Vardalos of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. But most importantly, he played the bald chef on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Diedrich Bader — Oswald Lee Harvey

Diedrich Bader has remained pretty busy since leaving The Drew Carey Show, lending his unique voice to too many animated TV shows to count such as Ultimate Spider-Man, and Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness. And most notably portrayed Rex, the American flag parachute pants-wearing Rex-kwon-do instructor who was married to body builder Starla, in Napoleon Dynamite. Most recently he has appeared in episodes of Veep and Two and A Half Men.

Kathy Kinney — Mimi Bobeck

Perhaps the most recognizable of the cast, Kathy Kinney went on to launch MrsP.com, a children’s website where she read books from her magical libary. She has reprised the role of Mimi Bobeck on both fellow former castmate’s shows The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and on The Price is Right. And she plays the character Bunny on The Secret Life of The American Teenager.