‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Fans Want The Show To Ditch A Controversial Rule After It Cost A Contestant A Win

Wheel of Fortune fans have finally had it with a controversial rule that just cost another contestant a win on Wednesday’s episode. As Wheel Watchers know, the show is oddly strict about contestants adding the word “and” while solving a puzzle and will rule their answer incorrect if they make the common blunder. That’s exactly what happened to contestant David Pederson while solving the episode’s crossword puzzle for the day. Via Entertainment Weekly:

“Don’t add anything,” host Pat Sajak warned Pederson, who then answered, “Sole, flounder, cod, and catfish,” which Sajak ruled incorrect. Another contestant then answered correctly by listing the same fish but omitting “and.”

You can watch the frustrating loss below:

While this mistake has happened before, it appears to be the final straw for some Wheel of Fortune fans who took to social media to demand the show ditch the rule once and for all.

As of this writing, the show has not responded to the “and rule” controversy, but judging by the number of people who are arguing that it should stay, there probably will be very little movement on the topic. It’s also not the only problem the show is currently dealing with. Host Pat Sajak has been involved in a growing number of awkward incidents in recent weeks. The longtime host seemingly made a very suggestive remark to a contestant and has been under fire after reportedly mocking a contestant’s speech impediment in late February. Sajak also called a contestant “ungrateful” back in November, but in that case, he apologized for yelling at the end of the show.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)