When Do ‘Hacks’ Season 3, Episodes 7 & 8 Come Out?

Hacks keeps power-breezing through this season, and before you know it, we’ll be waiting for a fourth season announcement. That’s the price we’re paying for authentic comedy, and it’s worth it. Last week, a domineering Christina Hendricks appeared in the episode that, according to Mad Men devotees, should score her an Emmy nomination. Now, it’s time for another pair of entries before the season finale arrives.

When Do ‘Hacks’ Season 3, Episodes 7 & 8 Come Out?

The two newest episodes will stream on Thursday, May 23 at 3:00am EST/12:00am PST.

In Episode 7, “The Deborah Vance Christmas Spectacular,” we shall see this madness happen: “Deborah braces for Kathy’s attendance at her Christmas party, while Jimmy and Kayla refuse to call it quits on the comedian’s dreams.”

In Episode 8, “Yes, And,” expect even more chaos: “A calendar mix-up finds Deborah double booked… just as an unfortunate supercut of her most problematic early jokes starts circulating.”

That second episode could really be any week in Deborah Vance’s life, right? And somehow, this show manages to keep that dance feeling nimble while Ava and the rest of Deborah’s team continue to sweep up her disastrous trail of yesteryear, and she manages to be the only character on this show who is (arguably) messier than Ava. No wonder they work so well together.