Why Did Rhaenys Purposefully Head Into That Mission On This Week’s ‘House Of The Dragon’?

Warning: Spoilers for this week’s episode of House of the Dragon below.

Many people would like to think that they have a “ride or die” type friendship a la the duo in Bad Boys or Shrek and Donkey from Shrek, but few actually follow through with the whole “die” part. That is until Rhaenys Targaryen upped the standards for everyone.

In the latest episode of House of the Dragon, tensions are rising, which means death is right around the corner for some more than others. In the episode, Rhaenys steps up to the first real dragon battle, which actress Eve Best knew would be the end for her iconic character.

“Somebody had to plunge in, and somebody had to press the red button, and start the nuclear war, effectively,” Best said on the Official Game of Thrones Podcast. That somebody was her in Sunday’s episode as she and her dragon Meleys succumbed to their death in order to help defend Rook’s Rest.

Best called the ordeal a “kamikaze mission” because she knew Rhaenys would not survive. She added, “It became like her final piece of wisdom, like her final gift to Rhaenyra, which is, you know, this is how you are a good leader, this is the way.” Now it’s time for Rhaenyra to step it up!

She added, “She’s just looking after everybody in the room. She’s looking after Rhaenyra. It’s her last piece of wisdom for Rhaenyra.” Suddenly…The Queen Who Never Was became..the queen who sure did that!

(Via People)