Robert Kirkman Offers Clues On The Fate Of Alexandria In ‘The Walking Dead’ Midseason Return

01.13.16 4 years ago 3 Comments

We can already make a fairly accurate assumption that The Walking Dead will kill off numerous characters in its midseason return on Sunday, Feb. 14 in order to make way for a host of new characters, including the series’ version of Breaking Bad‘s Walter White. What we don’t know exactly, however, is whether Alexandria will survive after walkers overrun the community.

Robert Kirkman spoke to that issue with Entertainment Weekly today, initially joking that the cliffhanger in the midseason finale wouldn’t be resolved for another seven episodes before backtracking. “Nah, I’m joking. We pick up right in that moment. Alexandria is overrun. Rick and the kids are all covered in guts trying to get through the crowd. Everyone is where we last saw them, and things get worse from there.”

How bad will it get? Will Alexandria be completely decimated and unusable? A new promo image from The Walking Dead Instagram account suggests that Alexandria could fall. “I thought living behind these walls was possible,” Rick Grimes says.

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