The Character Most Likely To Cross Over From ‘The Walking Dead’ To ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

After three years of suggesting it was unlikely to happen anytime soon, last week at New York’s Comic Con, Robert Kirkman announced that there would, indeed, be a character who crosses over from The Walking Dead to Fear the Walking Dead, or vice versa. Kirkman offered no details, but that hasn’t stopped the Internet from speculating.

Primarily, that speculation has revolved around Abraham, who was killed in the seventh season premiere of The Walking Dead. That speculation was prompted by two tweets delivered by Michael Cudlitz — who plays Abraham — soon after the crossover announcement.

Could it be Abraham?

It’s not out of the realm of possibility, but it also doesn’t make a lot of sense. Fans are right to speculate that it would almost necessarily have to be a character from The Walking Dead crossing over into Fear the Walking Dead for a couple of reasons. The most obvious reason is ratings. Fear, which has seen its audience dwindle to 2 million overnight viewers, benefits much more from the addition of a character from the series with 10-12 million overnight viewers.

Second is the timing: Fear the Walking Dead is set within the first two months or so of the zombie outbreak while The Walking Dead is set closer to the second year of the outbreak (in fact, season 8 picks up around the 600th day since the outbreak). With the time jump happening on The Walking Dead in season 8, it will be several years ahead of Fear by the time season 9 begins. Unless it’s Tobias (gone, but not forgotten), Alex (barely remembered), or Luciana who wanders over to the East Coast from California, it would spoil Fear to introduce any other character on The Walking Dead because we would necessarily learn the fate of that character on Fear. (And if it’s a major character, he or she is likely to bring with him or her knowledge of the fate of all the other characters on Fear.)

From a timeline perspective, it simply makes more sense to populate Fear with a character from The Walking Dead.

So, if it is a The Walking Dead character joining up with Fear the Walking Dead, it would have to be someone who wasn’t on the East Coast in the first two to three seasons. We happen to know exactly where Abraham was early on. He was in Houston, holed up in a grocery store with his wife and two kids. That’s 1500 miles away from where Fear the Walking Dead is set, so unless Fear relocates to Texas next season, Abraham seems like a remote possibility; I think Cudlitz was either trolling fans or teasing an appearance in a flashback on The Walking Dead.

Who does that leave? Well, every other character we have met on The Walking Dead in the first three seasons is either dead or still in Alexandria, except one. Which The Walking Dead from the first few seasons is still unaccounted for?


Recall that in the first season’s 5th episode, Morales decided that he and his family would not be going with Rick and co. to the CDC. They decided, instead, to meet up with family members in Birmingham, Alabama. The fate of Morales on The Walking Dead is still unknown.

Morales left The Walking Dead at around Day 65. Fear the Walking Dead will end its third season on around … Day 65. In other words, he and his family started traveling West around now in the Fear the Walking Dead timeline. As there are no other unaccounted character from The Walking Dead charcters from the first 65 days in the TWD timeline, it makes the most logical sense for it to be Morales.

What’s even more interesting is that, according to IMDb anyway, Juan G. Pareja‏ — who plays Morales — was originally listed as a Fear character.

Back when Fear was announced (and was under the working title Cobalt), the speculation was that it would be more of a spin-off than a companion series and that it would be Morales who provided the link between the two. Obviously, that did not happen, but it’s never too late to resurrect an old fan favorite.

If it is Morales, however, the show is going to have a lot of explaining to do regarding his physical transformation.