If You Enjoy Watching ‘Yellowstone’-Related Shows On The Go, Paramount+ Has Some Promising News For You

Paramount Network juggernaut Yellowstone isn’t available on Paramount+ to stream (that oddness is explained here), but several Yellowstone-involved and Yellowstone-tangential Taylor Sheridan shows can be found on the streaming service. And I’m also distracted by the thought that some people who search for Yellowstone might stumble onto Yellowjackets, which makes me wonder how they would react to a very different show.

I may never know the answer to that question, but Paramount+ has dropped some promising news worth noticing. The service is currently experimenting with some mobile-only streaming plans in a few countries where mobile-dominant streamers make up a significant chunk of the audience. If the experiment turns into a trend, then perhaps U.S. streamers can look forward to a cheaper option, too? Given the increasing price of what feels like a zillion streaming services, this news feels refreshing. Via Deadline, Mexico and Brazil-based subscribers will see mobile-only plans for “around $2.80 and $4.20 per month.” Here’s why this is happening:

Marco Nobili, Executive Vice President and International General Manager for Paramount+, said the mobile plan is “part of our broader strategy to scale Paramount+. With mobile entertainment consumption increasing around the world, a mobile-only option will make our slate of programming more accessible to our audiences in mobile-first countries,” he added.

Paramount also offered up some data-based conclusions for starting in Mexico and Brazil, since both of those countries apparently stream TV on mobile over 50% of the time. And yes, that sounds like a dream come true for people who are weighing which plans to keep at any given time, and perhaps this will reduce the “churn” phenomenon, too. It’s something to watch, at the very least, to see if a trend develops.

(Via Deadline)