YES: Transformers Dance to ‘Thriller’

I don’t know who made this, and I don’t know why it exists, but the Internet is richer for the video below: it’s a faithful adaptation of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” — except the dancing zombies are Autobots (with Hot Rod standing in for MJ). This is the geekiest thing I’m going to love all day. Please, stop reading these words and watch it now:

What’s particularly impressive is not just that the animators got all the moves down — they also matched every cut and camera angle of the original video. Watch the dance breakdowns side-by-side and tell me that your day isn’t better for it. (Note: it helps to mute one of the videos.)

The only possible downside to this? Somewhere, Michael Bay is rubbing his chin and saying, “Dancing Transformers, eh? Hmmmmm…”

[The Clearly Dope]