You Probably Missed This ‘Parks And Recreation’ Easter Egg That Revealed Jean-Ralphio’s Future

Last night’s excellent time-warping finale of Parks and Recreation did a pretty good job of wrapping up the fates of most of the Pawnee gang, but what happened to Jean-Ralphio after he faked his own death and ostensibly headed off to Tajikistan with his sister Mona Lisa?

Oh, there’s an Easter egg for that. In an interview with Variety that coincided with last night’s hour-long episode, Mike Schur teased at a hidden clue that would give some insight into the future of Dr. Saperstein’s prodigal son, and it didn’t take diligent Parks fans to figure it out.

The reveal actually happened in Craig’s flash-forward, prior to Jean-Ralphio faking his own death:

Did you catch it? Well, here’s a closeup:

Jean-Ralphio somehow got his life together (probably by reading Failure) and became a champagne vintner. That’s the most perfect Jean-Ralphio thing ever. We still don’t know what became of his sister, but I’d like to think there’s also a pink champagne in the Parks universe of the future called “Mona Lisa.”

(Via A.V. Club)