Everything We Know So Far About ‘You’ Season 2

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Plentiful spoilers for You‘s first season will be found below.

As a Lifetime show, You scored critical acclaim but went largely unnoticed by the masses, only to emerge as a killer hit when it streamed on Netflix over the holidays. The streaming service then boasted that the highly addictive stalker-drama reached 40 million viewers, many of whom were perhaps too entranced by Joe Goldberg, the sociopathic lead embodied by Penn Badgley, who’s aghast at people lusting after his character. Yet there’s definitely going to be more “hot” stalker drama coming to perplex Badgley while he unnerves everyone again. So, what do we know about this second season?

The Why: The overriding reason for the second season, of course, is that the series exploded in popularity on Netflix, which snatched the property up for more (bye bye, Lifetime). Not only that, but plenty of loose ends and a cliffhanger provided for excellent jumping off points for Joe to continue his stalking antics with his narration queuing up the black comedy that makes this series more than a guilty pleasure. There’s a solid chance that the number of streamers has eclipsed 40 million by now, and those people will binge the hell out of a second season. (Netflix is also now serial killer central, although they half-heartedly discourage lusting over these convicted criminals.)

The When: The series will launch on Netflix sometime in 2019. “Sometime soon,” according to the official You Instagram page, though this will probably happen in the fall, given that the first season debuted on Lifetime in September 2018. Showrunner Sera Gamble told NME that the series would resume filming sometime in February, and the writers are currently working on carving out the latter half of the season.


The Who: John Stamos isn’t yet confirmed to reprise his role as the weed-addled therapist, but Penn Badgley will definitely return as Joe Goldberg. But who will he stalk, now that he’s killed his true love, Beck (Elizabeth Lail)?

Well, the first season cliffhanger unfurled a startling revelation — Joe’s ex-girlfriend, Candace Stone, wasn’t dead, as we’d been led to believe, given that she previously dropped off the face of the earth. Joe’s own visions of Candace made it seem that he was being haunted by her, but since she shows up in the flesh, Candace will likely play into the second season, according to an Entertainment Weekly interview with Gamble. In addition, actress Ambyr Childers has been elevated to a series regular for the second season, so yup, there’s gonna be much more Candace. Will she live? That’s difficult to predict since her twist appearance in the season finale differed from author Caroline Kepnes’ first book and places the character in uncharted territory.

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