Everyone Should Add This New Slang From ‘You’re The Worst’ To Their Vocabulary

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You’re The Worst was one of the most well received new shows of 2014, and the highly anticipated second season lands this week. While its roots may have been in romantic comedy, You’re the Worst managed to sidestep every cliche that plagues the genre in a whirlwind of alcohol, bad behavior, and quick wit. With a focus on cleverness and sly jokes instead of easy punchlines, the show almost feels more like a traditionally British sitcom than an American one. Perhaps the show itself sums it up best in the pilot, when Jimmy is explaining to Gretchen why he loved her post-hookup, angry rant, despite the fact that is was directed at him: “It was funny and true… and mean. My favorite kind.”

Part of what makes You’re The Worst the best is the hilarious slang terms that the show has surely added to the cultural lexicon. Here are a few of the best for you to use with the people you love to hate.

“19 Types of Trouble”

Gretchen and Jimmy get off to a rocky start, and their relationship stays rocky for pretty much the entire first season. But after that initial hook up after Becca and Vernon’s wedding, their first fight, and Gretchen stealing Jimmy’s car, it’s clear to them both that while extremely volatile, there is definitely something between them. Jimmy refers to her as “19 types of trouble,” and he couldn’t be more right.

When To Use: When your best friend starts dating someone who is clearly wrong for them, but also hot, so you discourage them from starting something while giving them a “go for it” sign on the down low.

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