Zach Galifianakis Brings Back ‘Between Two Ferns’ For A Painfully Awkward Jerry Seinfeld And Cardi B Meeting

Zach Galifianakis’ Between Two Ferns has been on unofficial hiatus since Hillary Clinton’s election season visit, but Funny Or Die has brought back the series, and it’s still as awkward as ever. In the above clip, the host roasts the hell out of his first guest, Jerry Seinfeld, in an interview that includes neither cars or other comedians. Galifianakis uses his deadpan delivery to offhandedly label Seinfeld as a “launching pad for whites” and a master of delivering “lazy, car-based, non-comedy.” And of course, Seinfeld finds himself forced to defend the non-timely topic of the Bee Movie title before the “better guest,” Cardi B, arrives on the scene.

For much of the discussion, Galifianakis sticks with his usual show vibe while criticizing his target, who is chyron-labeled as “Funny 1990-1997,” although there’s a nice little mini-Seinfeld reunion when Wayne Knight, who played nemesis Newman, pops in for a brief hello. Then the mood suddenly grows much more lively when Galifianakis lights up for Cardi B. At that point, Seinfeld is relegated to sitting on a crate, and he grumpily notes that he’s no longer sitting in between any ferns at all, which sounds about right.

Yet no one but Jerry really cares at that point because it’s time for Cardi B to receive gifts and praise. Cue Seinfeld base notes.

(Via Funny Or Die)