Paul Dano Joined ‘The Batman’ Colleague Zoë Kravitz For An ‘SNL’ Sketch Where They Keep Losing A Cat

There was a lot of cats on the SNL hosted by Zoë Kravitz, and for good reason. After all, she plays Catwoman in The Batman. Her opening monologue found her interrupted by multiple cat people, including Katt Williams. And in one of the episode’s pre-taped sketches, the actress joined “Please Don’t Destroy,” the trio of SNL writers known for such segments, as well as her co-star Paul Dano for a bit in which they keep losing a cat.

The sketch finds Kravitz behind-the-scenes, meeting with writers/performer Ben Marshall, John Higgins and Martin Herlihy. They’ve decided to do something nice for her: They’ve gotten her a cat. A nice, cute, small, very fast cat. When Kravitz enters the room, the feline has already gone missing, prompting a mad dash from everyone to tear apart the room, looking for the AWOL animal.

Eventually they turn up no less than Dano, who plays the a serial killer take on the Riddler opposite Kravitz’s Selena Kyle. What’s Paul Dano doing there, hiding under a couch? He’s researching a role, of course. “It’s about you guys,” Dano tells Marshall, Higgins, and Herlihy, holding up a poster for the project, entitled The Boring Writers.

You can watch the sketch in the video above.