How One Upcoming Zombie Might Affect The Entire ‘The Walking Dead’ Universe

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“There will be one walker in particular, I have to be careful saying this around Scott. Let’s just say this walker will open a universe of possibilities for our storytelling.”

That quote comes from Ian Goldberg, the co-showrunner of Fear the Walking Dead, spoken at the AMC summit last week. And the “Scott” that Goldberg suggested he needed to be careful around was Scott Gimple, the architect of the entire The Walking Dead universe, hinting that this one walker, in particular, could open up a “universe of possibilities” for the entire The Walking Dead universe.

What could Ian Goldberg possible be alluding to? A Whisperer, perhaps? As we learned in the season finale of The Walking Dead, it appears that the Whisperers do leave the Virginia area during the winter. Could they travel as far as Texas? Perhaps, and there are a couple of hints in the fifth season Fear the Walking Dead trailer that suggest that possibility, particularly in the way that the Whisperers lock down an area of territory and use severed heads to mark their boundaries.



I’m more intrigued, however, by the “Toxic Avenger” walker in the header photo, briefly glimpsed at in the season 5 trailer.

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