'The Avengers' Poster Greatly Improved By Casting Nicolas Cage In Every Superhero Role

After finding myself delighted by this over the weekend I clicked on our Nicolas Cage tag and was appalled to find we haven’t written about the internet’s #1 muse in over a month. One word: Travesty. I blame myself. No wonder I’ve felt a bit off lately. And here I was blaming the pollen.

Well, now’s it’s time to remedy the error, as well as get your week started on the right foot, with this glorious Avengers poster re-imagined by Brazilian artist Matheus Candido: Nic Cage cast for every superhero role in the movie. It would have come in real handy when Cage’s agent pitched the idea to Marvel a few years back. Where were you then, Matheus?

My favorite part — besides learning that Brazilians are also obsessed with Nic Cage — is the usage of different Cages for each of the characters. Drive Angry Nic Cage for Thor, Ghostrider Nic Cage for Hawkeye, Snake Eyes Nic Cage for Nick Fury, and one of the many unidentifiable crazed Nic Cages for The Hulk.

Thanks to The Shiznit — long regarded as the UK authority on all things Nicolas Cage — for sharing Candido’s work with the world. It may be favorite Nicolas Cage internet tribute of 2012 thus far. And coming from me you better believe that’s high praise. When Cage himself was contacted for a reaction he responded…

I think he means him and the poster.

Shiznit via Buzzfeed