To Celebrate The Opening Of 'Battleship', Here Are All The Parodies We Have

In case you hadn’t noticed from the ads all over this page, Battleship is showing in theaters in North America now. This trend of buying the film rights to board games and toys is ripe for parody. You don’t even really have to try. It already sounds like a parody to say there will be movies based on Battleship, Rubik’s Cubes, Monsterpocalypse, Risk, Candyland, Monopoly, and Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots. And yet they’ll probably make mad cash on these movies. Okay, Hollywood. But when you fall off that big pile of money and break your legs, don’t come running to us for sympathy.
Let’s celebrate all the money they’re going to somehow make from this ridiculous premise with a collection of 15 parody photoshops and videos.

Check out next summer’s sci-fi blockbuster by Jon Defreest.
The comments at Reddit are also worth a read. We may have another Rome, Sweet Rome situation on our hands here.

Part of a series of 9 pictures at Screencrush.

Part of a series of 9 pictures at Screencrush.

Part of a series of 9 pictures at Screencrush.

Part of a series of 9 pictures at Screencrush.

See the rest from this series at Screencrush.

“The Sinking of the Milton Bradley” by Tim Doyle

“The alien is stealing the cats! Load ALL THE MISSILES.”

“We’re gonna need a bigger dictionary.”

This is Wes Anderson’s Battleship. Sort of. It’s a nice try, but there are too many close-ups, too few overhead and slow-mo shots, the set isn’t symmetrical or yellow-toned enough, and the music/clothing isn’t nearly as twee as it should be. *slaps elbow patches on corduroy blazer together, spitefully* [via Buzzfeed]

Titanic 3D versus Battleship is the perfect mashup as long as as this means no sequels for the latter. (But we’d totally watch Titanic 2: The Revenge, wherein Billy Zane hunts down that iceberg and gives it what for.) [via Hollywood]

Here’s what would happen if Battleship were based on how the game is actually played.