Here Are The Best And Worst April Fool’s Jokes This Year Had To Offer

Another April Fool’s Day is upon us, and we’ve already seen some of the good (Netflix’s John Stamos prank and Sony unveiling a real-life Proton pack), the bad (that Jessica Lowndes-Jon Lovitz nonsense), and the ugly (Google’s prank going so horribly wrong that people actually lost their jobs). But for every prank we touched on, there were dozens that got swept under the carpet, so here’s some of the best and worst “pranks” that we’ve seen on this April 1.

Starting out, Pornhub had a pretty great joke transforming its homepage into “Cornhub,” the one-stop shop on the internet for all the steamy, sultry corn videos you can shake a cob at. You can get a closer look at, but be warned that things get pretty NSFW with the click of a button.

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Yahoo’s Trader Joe’s Prank


Trader Joe’s partnered with Yahoo Thursday to hilariously publish an article convincing everyone that the grocery chain was shutting down all of its stores by 2017. No more Two Buck Chuck! Say goodbye to your fancy frozen pizzas and reasonably priced cheeses! Unfortunately, what Joe’s probably wasn’t anticipating was for Chrissy Teigen to fall for the joke and use it as an opportunity to vent about why she doesn’t like the store. The article was removed soon after her tweets started drawing eyeballs.

Google Cardboard Plastic

Thankfully this prank wasn’t as ill-received as Google’s other prank, in which the company spoofs their Google Cardboard product with a plastic visor that allows you to experience real life. Hardy har.

T-Mobile’s #BingeOnUp

Likewise, T-Mobile’s prank was similar to Google’s, advertising a devise that would effectively strap your mobile device to your godforsaken face so you’d never have to stop streaming. Sadly there might actually be a market for this type of device.

Hulu Datr

Hulu playfully made up a fake dating site by determining that the number one factor to romantic longevity is: compatible viewing habits. Wait, uh, isn’t this actually kind of a good idea? Like, it’s a real bummer to find out weeks or months into a relationship that he hates 30 Rock and Community, so this could prevent a lot of unhappy relationships.

Hot Topic Golden Girls

Again, how it Goldencore not a thing yet? Goddamn millennials.

Waffle House Delivering

Waffle House set their customer base into a frenzied, frothing hysteria when the chain announced that it would be starting delivery. Ha ha ha?

OpenTable’s Taste App

Your favorite dining reservation website is boasting a new and improved app for April Fools that actually lets you taste a restaurant’s food by licking the screen of your phone, for people who are blissfully unaware how filthy their phone screens are. I would rather drink a cocktail made out of water from a public swimming pool.

Hooters Island

Hooters is building a private island where vacationers will be able to enjoy Hooters delicious menu items, as well as exclusive options for resort guests only, served up by our world-famous Hooters Girls.

Okay. Visit the website for Hooters Island here.


For when your favorite YouTube videos don’t have enough Snoop Dogg in them, this is a “fully immersive experience that lets you watch any video on YouTube in 360 degrees, with Snoop Dogg.”

Esurance Election Insurance

Again, with the threat of President Trump looming, a fake idea that’s actually not too bad. Esurance’s Election Insurance claims it will keep your home safe while you pick up and leave for four years while god knows what rains down on America.

Burger King’s Single Fries

Burger King France came up with a joke that doesn’t seem too out of place in the elegant European country, to fancy up fries by wrapping them individually, giving them that real “artisan” feel.

Quilted Northern’s Rustic Weave Toilet Paper

Speaking of artisanal, Quilted Northern came up with a “tree to toilet” tissue paper that will definitely give you a memorable bathroom experience.