The Best And Worst Things About The Sci-Fi Movies Of 2013

2013 was another busy year for sci-fi — even if you discount superhero movies, over a dozen major sci-fi movies hit theatres this year. Unfortunately the quality of said movies was a little sketchy. There were a few real bombs this year and, in my opinion, no real classics to offset the bad. That said, there were certainly some solid sci-fi movies this year, which delivered a handful of memorable moments.

So, like I did last year, here are some of the bests and worsts of this busy year in sci-fi. Keep in mind, this is merely a list of moments, scenes, characters or whatever other little things I liked or didn’t like about 2013’s crop of sci-fi films. In other words, giving a movie a “best” doesn’t necessarily mean I liked the movie as a whole, nor does a “worst” mean I hated a movie. Cool? Okay, let’s go…

Warning! I don’t get too deep into plot specifics, but there are some SPOILERS ahead!