Nothing Has Ever Made Anyone As Happy As This Talking Chewbacca Mask Makes This Overjoyed Woman

Of the many geeky fandoms that exist in the world, Star Wars reigns above all the rest like a dutiful, doting member of the royal family who could feasibly let its subjects eat cake, but won’t. That’s because George Lucas’s brainchild spawned several decades and generations’ worth of films, toys and other paraphernalia that everyone wants to get their hands on. Enter Candace Payne, an unabashed Star Wars super fan whose video of her unboxing a talking Chewbacca mask has become the internet’s new poster child for pure unadulterated joy.

The mask, which was a tie-in for Star Wars: The Force Awakens that interested parties can still find in stores and online, is meant for children as young as five years of age. Hence why Payne admits that “she’d like to say that I bought this for my son… however, this is mine.” And to prove her point, she dons the mask — which utters the walking carpet’s famous growls, grunts and yells whenever the wearer’s mouth moves — and bursts into uncontrollable laughter. Nearly two minutes worth, after which Payne has to remove the mask in order to wipe away the happy tears streaming down her face.

Never change, Candace. Never change.

(Via Candace Payne on Facebook)