Creepy Bikini Man Is Back, This Time To Sing ‘Call Me Maybe’ On Chatroulette

It’s not worth linking to every “Call Me Maybe” parody we’ve written about since the song became as prevalent on the Internet as “FIRST” comments, because none of those videos featured a dude in a bikini terrifying horny Chatroulette users worldwide, which is a sentence I totally thought I’d one day write. The bikini dude in question is Steve Kardynal, last seen shaking his you-know-what to Katy Perry’s “Peacock,” and his “Call Me Maybe” does two things very well: 1) Proving that for every two girls on Chatroueltte, there are 18,049 dudes, and 2) Highlighting the looks of disappointment on the faces of shirtless men who wanted to see someone in a bikini, but not like this. NOT LIKE THIS.