These Kids Are Terrified Of ‘Elf On The Shelf’ Like It’s Something Straight Out Of A Horror Movie

At some point when children could no longer be bribed into a year’s worth of good behavior by a fat man with a “naughty” list at the North Pole, the modern tradition known as Elf on the Shelf was born. Essentially one of Santa’s thugs, these mischievous elves hide around a family’s home where they supposedly take in the day’s events, and then under the cover of darkness — very much like a KGB spy — they report back to Santa to disclose whether or not little Billy or Suzy really is deserving of those new toys, after all. And somehow, most parents see this as just a fun and harmless game to play with their kids even though it’s basically extortion.

Given all that, you’d think more kids would be less than enthused to see these little goons show up around the holidays every year. The kids in this video know what’s up however, and are justifiably horrified when their father goes so far as to even open the Elf on the Shelf box. To a passerby, you’d think someone was committing child murder the way the two little girls react to the sight of the elf’s grotesquely smiling face peeking out of the box. Extra sympathies go to the poor, beleaguered mom, who is not quite as delighted as the dad by her kids reaction, who screams for him to shut the box before marching over in her cleaning gloves and slamming the damn thing shut herself. Back to whence you came, foul creature.

(Via Reddit)