Emma Stone’s Top 10 Contributions To GIF Culture

Hands down the best thing about the highly questionable Amazing Spider-Man movie (I can’t be the only one who find the recurrence of the “small knives” line indicting, can I?) is the Emma Stone publicity tour. She’s just so darn cute. She’s like all those cliches that sound like cannibalism but actually mean something is adorable combined into one. And she gets the internet! It’s almost too much.

Last week Emma was chatting with Hollywood.com about the movie and it was all pretty standard and boring until her place in GIF culture became the topic of conversation (2:00 mark). She slyly requested not to become a GIF, so of course she became a GIF. Actually, she became multiple GIFs. The one above, and the GIF set below. The GIF wizards love her. She’s like Alison Brie sans the endowment.

In the midst of typing this up I found myself thinking, “I just want to put gravy on her, eat half of her now, and save the rest of her in my pocket for later” — and decided I should round up the most popular of Emma’s contributions to GIF culture to document for posterity. The collection that follows is like the Mila Kunis Being Adorable GIF Wall, just less RAM intensive. Enjoy, or forever be judged as a soulless weirdo.

Top Image via. GIF set via. All others via Tumblr, where you’re only getting sourced if you watermark.