Enter The Danger Zone: Why We Need An ‘Archer’ FPS

Archer is a hit series and beloved by, well, the kind of people who play video games. And, yet, there is a total lack of Sterling Mallory Archer putting bullets in mooks on gaming platforms.

This must be remedied, and here’s why.

The Show Actually Has Great Action Sequences

What can be lost amid the hilarity of the show is the fact that it’s actually fairly dynamic, violence-wise. Archer is good at his job, at least when it comes to acts of violence, and he’s the least competent agent in ISIS short of Cyril. It lends itself to a first-person shooter in that sense, because it doesn’t have to be shoehorned in.

The Cast Makes For A Natural Multiplayer Co-Op Team

Furthermore, the cast naturally fit the roles you need for multiplayer co-op. Think about it: Lana is the sniper, Archer is a balanced character, Pam’s the melee tank who can absorb a lot of damage, Krieger is the engineer, and Cyril is the joke character who under the right circumstances gets massive damage bonuses.

The Art Style Lends Itself To Gaming

Archer is actually quite well animated, considering it’s a show about an incompetent spy agency, subtly mixing anachronisms, like the fact that everything is from the ’60s yet the technology is modern. It’s a unique world already designed, and could even be a 2D game.

You Don’t Get A Voice Cast Like This For Every Game

Really, all you need to do is imagine this married to the function keys across the top of your keyboard. But the voice cast and show’s running gags lend themselves pretty well to in-game one-liners. If, for example, Archer needs to be revived, all you really need to hear is “LAAAAANNNNNNAAAA!”

It’d Be The Rare Game That’s Actually Funny

The show has one of the strongest writing rooms in television, and unleashing it on a ten hour game would be a dream episode for many of us. It’d also be fun to see what they could do to FPS tropes, which they’d likely be prone to deconstructing just as brutally and hilariously as the spy drama.

So, game developers, have at it. And be sure to include rescuing Baboo as an objective.