What Happens When Female Friends See Each Other Naked For The First Time?

The most mortifying moment of many kids’ lives is when they have to change (read: get naked) in front of other students for the first time. Or maybe I’m just speaking from personal experience, when the exhilaration of a friendly game of wall ball during gym was undercut by needing to put on non-sweaty clothing. There’s an entire episode of Freaks and Geeks about how embarrassing it is, although I wouldn’t recommend Sam’s streaking plan.

Once you get older, though, getting naked in front of your friends tends to get easier, or at least it does for the women in the video above, who saw each other sans clothes for the first time. They’re all extremely complimentary to each other: Great boobs, great butt, great hips, great… nipples? And hey, now they can check each other for skin cancer. What a time saver.

Watching this video is like spending time with Taylor Swift and her oft-nude #squad. Okay, it’s only Lena Dunham taking her clothes off, but still.

(Via BuzzFeed)