‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Lets You Destroy Cars By Jumping On Them

OK, so it’s not exactly a Goomba stomp. And you are going to die. But, apparently, if you aim correctly and get enough height, you can indeed destroy a car with your flabby middle-aged avatar in Grand Theft Auto V.

As detailed in a Rooster Teeth video, it’s pretty simple. Get high enough, at least a story or two in the air, and then jump and press attack at the same time. On the ground, this basically turns into a ground dive. But you’ll be able to do a front flip if you get some height, and if you get enough height… well, skip to the end of this video from Rooster Teeth, at the 3:10 mark, to see for yourself.

At a guess, this is because the game calculates damage based on mass and speed; get up enough speed and the car automatically takes enough damage to explode. Of course, this isn’t the first time a ridiculous physics glitch has popped up in a Grand Theft Auto game. Remember the “ghost swing” from IV?

We’re sure that this glitch will see substantial abuse when Grand Theft Auto Online is unlocked in October. So, remember, practice those front flips!