The Hand-Holding Instagram Duo Shared Their Awe-Inspiring Honeymoon Photos


In early June, the famous #FollowMeTo couple threw a lavish wedding and shared their photos with Instagram. This momentous event followed two years of internet-documented romance for Russian photographer Murad Osmann and his model girlfriend, Natalia Zakharova. Almost every picture from Murad’s Instagram account features the couple in their trademark pose. They visit exotic destinations together, and Natalia leads Murad with her left hand as she ventures off into the wild blue yonder.

After visiting New York City, Moscow, Sri Lanka, and every hot vacation spot in between, Murad’s 3 million followers wondered how the couple could locate an appropriate honeymoon destination. Natalia and Murad managed just fine. The two ridiculously happy love birds visited Las Vegas, where they posed in front of the Bellagio hotel. Then they popped into the Maldives, where Natalia rubbed her tush in the sand for the camera’s benefit. Mazel tov, you ridiculously well-off kids.





(Via Business Insider)