Watch Ilana Glazer Of ‘Broad City’ Ask Strangers In The Park How They Lost Their Virginity

I don’t have a good story about losing my virginity: I was seventeen and it was to my boyfriend of two months at the time. We dated on and off for about five years and we’re still friends. Now he lives in Michigan, I’m Facebook friends with his wife and I have two bottles of goat brain beer sitting down on my bar that I still need to send out to him.

And so ends the most boring virginity story ever.

So thank goodness for Broad City’s Ilana Glazer, who — for an episode of her web series Chronic Gamer Girl — went around to strangers in a park and asked them about the time they lost their virginity. She gets a few good answers when she doesn’t get off track, which — spoiler alert — happens more often than not. In a nutshell, she’s like the female, stoned antithesis to Billy on the Street.

(Via Jezebel)