MAGA Lawyer Lin Wood Thinks That Marjorie Taylor-Greene Is ‘Under The Influence Of The Devil’

No one’s really keeping score in the ongoing battle of wits words between pro-Trump lawyer Lin Wood and pro-inanity congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, but the latest point definitely goes to Wood, who told the Daily Beast that he believes MTG is under the “influence of the devil.”

Mmm-hmmmm, keep talking…

While Wood is a noted fan of Donald Trump, he’s not as enamored of some of Trump’s staunchest supporters. Which is why he’s currently making like Santa Claus and drawing up his own list of all the naughty MAGA folks he believes have wronged him so that he can consider setting his own lawyers upon them for defamation.

Fox News hosts Tucker Carlson and Dan Bongino were already at the top of that list (it was Wood who shared that alleged “buddy-buddy” e-mail exchange between Carlson and Hunter Biden). Now, as Daily Beast’s Zachary Petrizzo writes, Wood has “added Greene to a growing list of ‘deep state’ right-wing agents working to ‘destroy’ his credibility. ‘They know what they did, they lied like dogs about me,’ Wood said. Greene, Wood alleged, has ‘falsely defamed’ him.”

Though Wood would not say when he will file these possible lawsuits, if he files them at all, escalation seems to be the only likely outcome of the Wood-Greene drama. Especially given Wood’s claims that Greene still owes him a whopping $5,000 for past legal work. While it may seem like a small amount of money, the consequences of MTG skipping out on the bill are actually pretty major: In early November, Daily Beast spoke with four experts who stated that failure to pay this legal bill would be a violation of federal financial reporting laws.

But Wood seems more concerned about the possibility of Greene being in bed with Satan. “I mean, from a biblical perspective, I think she is under the influence of the devil,” Wood told the Daily Beast. “Because people that follow Jesus Christ don’t lie. Marjorie Taylor Greene is a liar. Draw your own conclusions.”

(Via Daily Beast)