Let’s Revisit The Luigi Death Stare Meme For More GIFs And A ‘Kids React’ Video

In Mario Kart 8, players will look at each other when in close proximity. The side-eye Luigi would give other players after attacking them spawned the Luigi Death Stare meme. Now we’re checking in on the meme again because there are some new ones and The Fine Brothers have just made a “kids react” video, in which they show kids the same videos we rounded up before and ask them why Luigi is so angry. Maybe he’s tired of kids calling him “Green Mario”?

While we’re at it, how about some more Luigi Death Stare GIFs and photoshops?

Finally, here’s a Mario Kart 8 supercut which is somewhat maddening in that it’s not all Luigi clips. The year of Luigi isn’t over, no matter what the calender says. It’s still real to me, damn it!

Via TheFineBros and Koomaxxx