Meet The Roller Rink Pervert Who Fondled The Feet Of Over 200 Little Boys

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A San Fernando Valley roller rink employee was arrested on charges of false imprisonment and attempted lewd act on a child after allegations surfaced that he had fondled the feet of over 200 young boys. Jesus. I can’t even think of 200 people I know. That’s a lot of goddamn kids feet. From CBS Los Angeles:

Julian Christopher Flores, 19, reportedly admitted to detectives with LAPD’s Devonshire Station to taking young boys into a maintenance room at Skateland located at 18140 Parthenia Street in order to remove their socks and rub their feet on his hands or face for the purposes of sexual arousal, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Videos seized from Flores’ cell phone shows he instructed several “unknown minors” to take off their socks, including one video in which a boy asks Flores, “Why would you let a 9-year-old who you hardly know put their feet on your face?” according to court documents cited by The Times.

Call me old fashioned, but why would you even let a 9-year-old that you know very well put their feet on your face? I wouldn’t let my significant other put his feet on my face nor my own children if I had any. But I guess that’s just one of many, many reasons why I wouldn’t make a very good foot fetish pedophile.