People Have Been Tweeting Their Most Hysterically Mortifying Moments

Besides paying good money to see Spider-Man 3, what’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done? I heard a good one last night. A woman had been dating this guy, Chance, for a few months when she finally met his family. They kept calling him “Chase,” which confused his girlfriend. So she asked, why is everyone pronouncing your name as Chase? He replied, well, there are multiple ways to enunciate it; it’s a “vase” or “tomato” situation. He was covering her ass, so to speak: She had been saying it wrong the whole time, but he didn’t want to correct her. They broke up soon after.

Responding to someone asking “how are you?” with “no problem” is slightly embarrassing; mistaking the name of your lover of four months is mortifying. A few days ago, Jenny Lawson, the New York Times bestselling author who goes by the Bloggess, tweeted the following, “Airport cashier: ‘Have a safe flight.’ Me: ‘You, too!’ I CAN NEVER COME HERE AGAIN.” Yup, been there.

Ever since, her followers have been responding with their most awkward moments, none of which have anything to do with that awkward movie. Though “starring in…” might be Michael B. Jordan’s answer.

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