N64 Nostalgia Time — Somebody Did An Awesome Recreation of GoldenEye Using Real People

If you owned an N64 back in the 90s, you’ve played more than your fair share of GoldenEye — partly because it was a classic, partly because it was like, one of only four good games to come out in the N64’s first year. As good as GoldenEye was, I think there’s something all fans of the title can agree on — the game’s escort missions were a pain in the dick.

Well, some folks got together and made a YouTube video that recreates the GoldenEye escort mission experience using real people and I warn you guys, this thing is so well done you’re going to be hit with all sorts of angry, frustrated feelings from when you were 15. At least I was. It’s also pretty funny, so hit the jump to check it out…

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via GoNintendo