The Internet Has Discovered A News Report From Six Months Ago That Raised Numerous Safety Concerns About The Missing Titanic Submersible

As the world waits to see if the passengers aboard OceanGate’s Titan submersible will be rescued before it’s too late, a CBS News report from last year about the Titanic-exploring vessel has gone viral.

CBS News Sunday Morning correspondent David Pogue took a trip aboard the Titan in an episode that aired in November 2022. “It seems like this submersible has some elements of MacGyvery jerry-rigged-ness. You are putting construction pipes as ballast,” Pogue told OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush in an interview. Deadline has more:

Pogue said he was nervous before boarding and revealed some of the contents of the waiver form he was required to sign. This described the submarine as an “experimental submersible vessel that has not been approved or certified by any regulatory body and could result in physical injury, disability, emotional trauma or death.”

Pogue commented on his experience in the submersible on CBS News on Monday night. “I stayed up all night the night before my dive. I’d never done anything that could kill me before and I was really, really scared,” he said. “Then I had a conversation with the CEO and he said you’re worried about the wrong things. Like getting back to the surface, running out of air – those we got covered. The things you should be worried about are really rare things like getting snagged in abandoned fishing nets that are miles long in the North Atlantic, or a leak, which is also really unlikely.” Pogue doesn’t know what to say about the current experience, other than “it sounds bad.”

You can watch the CBS News report below.

(Via Deadline)