This PlayStation Vita Plug On ‘Jeopardy!’ Was Awkward In Every Way Possible

Normally we don’t post “text” images, but this is just too beautiful not to post unsullied. It’s just perfect in how clunky and awkward it is. But the real question is why Jeopardy! was talking about balls.

Before you complain that it’s a little obscure, this is a $2000 question aimed at teenagers. So it’s actually a pretty valid question on a trivia show.

A better question is why the console even comes up. I suppose it’s important data, but if you’re a gamer, you can probably figure out what franchise this is from just from the description of rolling balls. Also, referring to Touch My Katamari is pretty obscure; admittedly the Katamari Damacy franchise was never more than a surprising cult hit, but even so, the PlayStation Vita version is obscure even by that standard.

And it’s just genuinely awkwardly phrased. Imagine Alex Trebek saying that out loud. Seriously. Also, “katamari” is more of a portmanteau than anything else, from what I understand, but that’s a minor issue.

This is just a guess, but it seems unlikely the phrasing on this question wasn’t intentional. Jeopardy! is a show aimed at nerds, written by nerds. It’s not out of the realm of possibility Sony ordered the Jeopardy! staff to work some PlayStation Vita plugs into the broadcast, because they own Jeopardy! and would like to sell more PlayStation Vitas. And the writers decided to make it a gloriously awkward moment, just like that time a guy guessed “donkey punch” and they let that go to air.

Either that, or Alex Trebek is the King of All Cosmos, and he shaved his mustache to trick us. But that’s just silly. Right?