Couple’s Pregnancy Announcement Surprises Friends And Family Thanks To Clever ‘Group Photo’ Trick

Katharine and Kris Camilli used a simple trick to preserve the reactions their loved ones had to finding out the couple are expecting a child. They lined their friends and family up for group photos, and just before snapping the photo, instructed them to say “Kat’s pregnant!” instead of the traditional “Cheese!”

The clever couple actually had their phones set to record video, and as a result they can now watch their loved ones react to the news over and over. And you can too, thanks to Katharine’s sister, who uploaded the compilation of reactions you see above.

More impressive than the Camillis’ trick, however, is that the couple doesn’t seem to have that one friend who always blabbers big news — all of the reactions in the video seem genuine. Which is outstanding. The “don’t tell anyone I told you; just act surprised when they tell you” glory hound is a scourge that needs to be eradicated.