This Automatic Door Sounds Exactly Like R2-D2 Screaming

We, as a collective people, just love anything and everything Star Wars. This woman’s sheer joy just from purchasing a Chewbacca mask for herself and getting to play with it is proof of that, as is our fascination with her joy. Look, the world may be a scary, brutal place sometimes, but we just like seeing people happy and we like Star Wars. So yes, we might be deep into May and far away from #MayThe4th, that doesn’t mean that we have to stop celebrating the beloved series.

The latest Star Wars-based internet obsession is this hotel door that sounds exactly like R2-D2 when it opens up. It’s uncanny, even. In my mind I’m picturing R2-D2 being shocked every time that door opens, which is both heart-warming and sad at the same time. That’s the sound that R2 makes when stuff isn’t exactly going his way, right?

Still, here’s to hoping that absolutely nobody decides to “fix” this door, because much like R2-D2 doesn’t need to be upgraded to a new model, that door never needs to be fixed as it should be a testament to our collective love for this little astromech droid who has saved the day more times than we can even remember. Just… Leave R2-Door2 alone.