‘RoboCop’ Is Far From Paralyzed In Dramatic New Trailer

Without advanced notice, Sony dropped the newest trailer for RoboCop (first trailer here, second trailer here). This one’s a more subdued affair focusing on Alex Murphy waking up from a three month coma, believing himself to be paralyzed while Gary Oldman assures him that’s not the case. We also get vignettes of Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Keaton arguing for a robotic police force in America.

My favorite part, however, has got to be when RoboCop’s wife (Abbie Cornish) asks what kind of life he’ll have, and then it cuts to him beating up an unruly ED-209 and seemingly having an awesome time. You don’t save Detroit without punching a few rogue robots in the face.

RoboCop opens February 7th, 2014.

(H/T: CBM and RoboCop on Facebook)