‘RoboCop’ Was Introduced At CES… In 2027

We’re in the middle of the Consumer Electronics Show, right now, a situation where you have tech executives delivering overblown promises for underdeveloped products. If that sounds like something Omni Consumer Products would be all over, the team behind RoboCop is way ahead of you.

Here’s the full video piece. It’s especially interesting because we haven’t seen this corporate suit in the materials before, and we’d definitely remember his acting. Could this be our introduction to one Dick Jones?

It also helps clarify, a bit, the theme of the movie, in case the Fox News-like editorials about “robophobia” and the bits in the trailer about how RoboCop is supposed to follow subliminal orders didn’t make it clear. It’s compelling not least because it brings the plot of the movie into the modern day, something it desperately needed if a reboot of RoboCop was going to make any sense.

Although I have to confess, I am wondering where all these people are supposedly applauding this ginger executive in what appears to be an empty white room full of holographic projectors. Maybe they seal executives in bunkers in the future, to keep them away from the rest of us?