Not Even Russian State TV Is Into Trump’s 2024 Run: ‘He Performed Quite Poorly’

Apart from losing re-election in 2020, nothing bad has really ever happened to Donald Trump. He’s never had to pay the consequences of his actions, and even though he faces numerous legal and financial threats, there’s no reason to think he won’t weasel out of them, like he has every other calamity. Maybe his 2024 presidential campaign, which kicked off with a sad trombone sound, will prove another inexplicable Trump success. But for now, the reviews aren’t good, not even from Russian State TV.

As per Mediaite, Daily Beast reporter Julia Davis flagged a clip of top Putin propagandist Vladimir Solovyov brooding over Trump’s big announcement, which seemed to be attended by only one congressman: the outgoing, disgraced Madison Cawthorn. Not even Solovyov, a Trump cheerleader, could spin this one.

“It’s a big joy for Biden that Trump announced that he is planning to run in the elections. Trump did it dramatically, beautifully, just in time at the moment when the world could totally spit on it,” Solovyov said sarcastically. “The world stood on the brink of nuclear war, as everyone thought, expecting that NATO is about to do something. It turned out not to be the case.”

After airing a clip from Trump’s epic announcement, which ran longer than many films, Solovyov really let the big guy have it:

I have a few technical questions. First of all, why is Trump doing this? Really, what is it for? It would be impossible to find a worse time for this. It gives him absolutely nothing. He performed quite poorly. And I mean very poorly. There can be no positives from this. What the heck is it for? Why is he doing this?

The red wave did not materialize. They did not take the Senate, not as big of a majority in Congress as they needed. Within the party, DeSantis looks more successful. Is this an attempt to interrupt DeSantis? Or is this a gift for Biden?

In other words, Russian State TV agrees with many in the GOP, who’ve come to the conclusion that Trump is now toxic for the party, at least after the disastrous midterms, which saw one MAGA candidate after another underperform or flame out. They begged him not to run, or at least to hold off. But Trump is Trump — and that means he may still, somehow, have a chance.

(Via Mediaite)