Samsung Came Back With A Savage Response To A Guy’s Lewd Twitter Joke

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In the ever changing landscape of social media, brands are finally starting to figure out how to engage with consumers in less of a “Steve Buscemi how do you do fellow kids” GIF kind of way and more of a no holds barred approach that actually levels the playing field between brand and consumer. No better current example of this is Wendy’s, which is using the company’s Twitter account to lob savage burns and comebacks to both users and rival brands alike, proving that they can dish it out more than just burgers and fries.

Now, Samsung seems to be taking a note from Wendy’s playbook with a response to a pretty innocuous request for users to tweet the first photo they took with their new Galaxy S8 phone.

Naturally, some jokester of course had to go there, because who among us hasn’t broken in a new device by seeing how well it holds up for NSFW photos?

It only took Samsung three minutes to come back with a response, owning the poor guy with the use of a single emoji:

And with that, the internet rejoiced:

Once the tweet started to go viral, people started to comment about wanting to switch to Samsung, and whoever runs the account was ready for it:

You’ll have to get up pretty early these days to pull one over on, uh, corporate Twitter accounts these days.